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Effortlessly manage and track your mail campaigns with our powerful tool, seamlessly integrating with your CRM software for streamlined automation and monitoring.


How Click2Mail's CRM Hub works

In just few easy steps you can automate
your day-to-day mail work flow

Step 1

Bridge Connections
with CRM Hub

Connect your CRM and Click2Mail accounts within Click2Mail's CRM Hub

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Step 2

Add an Integration

Please provide us with the what, when, and where. We'll do the rest. Integrate and Automate.

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Step 3

Enjoy your free time

Click2Mail strives to make employee's life easier, giving you the peace of mind that your customers are always in touch.

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Faster, Easier, & More Efficient Mail

Quickly integrate your CRM data with your Click2Mail marketing
campaigns or business mail needs for a more accessible and
efficient integration with Click2Mail's CRM Hub.


Marketing Efforts


Improve Customer


Everyday Tasks

No Monthly Fees

Click2Mail's CRM Hub is a free tool for customers needing to integrate and automate physical mail from their CRM. The CRM Hub has integrated with leading CRM platforms, like Citrix Podio, Follow-Up Boss, and SalesForce, to help ease the marriage between your digital communications effort and your physical. You only pay for what is mailed.

Missing CRM? Email us which CRM you use and get notified when it’s added.


What Our Customers
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What if I need help

Click2Mail has a dedicated team of professionals for those who need
extra help in setting up your initial integration. We also provide video
tutorials, step-by-step guides, and FAQ readme documentation.